I offer the services outlined below, and if you are not sure about something, then email me or use the contact form here I also offer any of these services to anyone, so if you need a personal site or layout for your hobby, or similar whatever you require. The prices below are just an outline and should not be taken as harsh or high, If you need any of my services for eg, a non profit organization or school, then please email me and we can arrange something  If you need anything done for you, then don't hesitate to email me or use the contact form here and we can work out something (my email is:

Price Sheet
Site Design Standard (HTML) -Price $5 - 60$

Site Design with animated Flash header - Price $10 - 80$

Site Design in PHP with CMS (content management system)-Price $~, (please contact for pricesheets me)

Image slicing/coding/formatting-Price $1 - 15

PHP or CGI script installations $1 - $5

General Design-Price $~, (please contact for pricesheets me)

Font Creation (with type sample)-Price$10-100

Font Creation (from scratch)-Price $30-100

Site SEO (search engine optimization) - $5 - 1$5

Site advertising work - $30 - $100

General PHP script development - $5 - $100

* please not that the general prices are in US dollars,